Lending Library

BWI of Cleveland has a large and active lending library. We have split it into 6 regional libraries to make it more accessible to our members. The contents of the library (and instruction!) are free for all to play with at meetings, and BWI members may check out carriers to take home.

Library Rules

Safety and Liability
- You assume the responsibility for safely using all carriers and for inspecting the stitching and fabric on all carriers to satisfy yourself that the carrier is sound and suitable for use with your child, and you assume the risk of using a carrier.
- Each time you borrow a carrier, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless BWI of Cleveland, its leaders and members, for any harm that may result to you or your child from the use of the carrier, including any harm allegedly resulting from instruction or alleged failure to instruct.

Reserving Carriers
- We will no longer be accepting reservations.

Checking Out Carriers
- Members or an adult member of their household may check out one carrier per membership at a time during meetings and events.
- At meetings checkout must be done in the last 30min of the meeting through the Greeter or VBE using the online Lending Library Agreement form.
- Carriers may only be checked out during times of VBE instruction which includes meetings, workshops, consultations, and other formal BWI meetings. Carriers may not be checked out without VBE instruction, in order to comply with our insurance.

Renewing Carriers
- We are no longer accepting carrier renewals.

Returning Carriers
- Carriers are due back one month later at the meeting they were checked out at. They must be returned in the first 30min of the meeting to the greeter or VBE using the Check In form or they will be considered late and assessed a $10 late fee. There is a $7 weekly fee for every additional week.
- Carriers may be returned earlier if the member wishes to return to the VBE holding the local library or to a meeting also served by that local library.
- Carriers may be returned by mail. Email librarian@bwiofcleveland.org to obtain the address. To return a carrier by mail, please use Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. To purchase and print a Priority Mail label and get free delivery confirmation service conveniently on the internet, go to www.usps.com. You will need to know the weight of the package, and you will need to have a credit card for payment.
- Carriers returned to different local meetings will be charged the same $10 late fee.
- All communication about returning carriers must go through librarian@bwiofcleveland.org
- Carriers must be returned by the member or an adult member of their household.

Cleaning, Damage, and Repair
- Please return all carriers in such a condition that they are ready for the next person to check out. This means the carrier should be reasonably clean and neatly folded.
- Do not wash carriers unless waiting to wash would cause further damage. Email librarian@bwiofcleveland.org for washing instructions.
- The librarian will wash and repair minor and normal wear and tear regularly from carriers.
- Carriers that are excessively dirty or damaged will be assessed a Cleaning or Repair fee. Fees are assessed for dirt or damage beyond the usual events such as (but not limited to) cigarette smoke, large areas of bodily fluids, large stains, large pulls, holes, thread shifting, ect
- If you damage a carrier, you are responsible for paying the actual replacement cost of the carrier, including shipping. Using fabric softener or bleach on a wrap will be considered ruin. The leaders in their sole discretion will determine whether a carrier is ruined.

View library carriers HERE