Meet Your Volunteers

Erin Fabian
President, Member of the Board of Directors and MBE
Higher Accreditation Coordinator, BWI National Research Committee Member, BWI National Nominating Committee Member, BWI National Chapter Support Committee Member
Hello! I am Erin Fabian.  I am an MBE located on the far east side. I have been babywearing since my oldest daughter was born in February 2012. We started off using an Ergo, Moby, and pouch sling. It seems ridiculous to think about it now, but I bought my first woven wrap (a Storch Leo) when I was pregnant with my second child. Instead of opening it up and using it with my 16 month old daughter, I kept it in the package until our second child was born. Why? I will never know! Once my youngest was born in November, 2013, we started wrapping and haven’t turned back since! I now prefer woven wraps and ring slings, but ask me in a week and my answer may be different! I love the versatility of babywearing and how there is a carrier out there for everyone. Now I love helping other moms, dads, and caregivers finding that carrier that is right for them. By day, I work full time writing toxicology and drug information for healthcare professionals; I am a pharmacist by training. When I am not mom-ing or working, I am usually found doing something outside (I am an avid marathon canoe racer), baking, sailing, XC skiing, snowboarding, biking, traveling, camping, etc, etc, etc. I love spending time with friends and family and could talk your ear off if you let me!

Acacia Parks Mo
  Chair of the Board of Directors and MBE
Hi! I'm Acacia Parks Mo and I am a Master Babywearing Educator of BWI Cleveland. I started babywearing when my niece was born in 2012, and have been wearing my own baby, Cassie, since her birth in the Summer of 2013. In addition to being a VBE with BWI of Cleveland, I serve on the Research Committee of BWl, where I am working to help create an academic journal about babywearing. When I am not serving as a babywearing educator or geeking out about wraps, I'm a professor of Psychology at Hiram College and live on a small farm, where my family raises meat.

Amie Kanengeiser
Member of the Board of Directors, Social Media Manager and VBE
Hello friends! I'm Amie Kanengeiser and I am the Social Media Manager and a VBE of BWI Cleveland. I have such a blast doing all of the web designing, being the voice behind our blog plus run our Instagram and Pinterest accounts. I have been babywearing since my oldest son Jackson was born in February of 2007 in our Baby Bjorn. Right before the birth of my middle son Owen I was opened up to the extensive world of carriers and fell head over heels in love with the rich bonding that comes from wearing my children. Through my discovery of carriers, ring slings took my heart and they are still my favorite type of carrier from newborn stage all the way through the toddler years. In August of 2014 we welcomed our third son Aaron earthside and oh how I am loving wearing a little guy again- although he isn't quite so little anymore! While some women dream of becoming doctors or lawyers, I always knew I wanted to be a mother. It is a passion in my heart to raise my family and I am blessed that I get to stay a home with my Littles every day. In between Cherrios and Lego bricks, in my free time I enjoy hiking, spending time outdoors, writing and photographing for my cooking blog My Retro Kitchen. You may also have seen my regular cooking segments on New Day Cleveland. Raising and nurturing my family is my greatest calling and becoming a VBE was a wonderful way for me to give back to other families in the way that BWI has helped me. Not only have I learned invaluable ways to wear and care for my children I have also met some of my dearest friends through our group. It is healing inside and out!

Emily Gold
Member of the Board of Directors and VBE
Hi I'm Emily Gold! I'm a VBE for BWI of Cleveland. I'm also the owner and CEO of Gold and Three, a custom gifts and decor company. I wore my oldest (Abby 04/2010) some but really fell in love with Babywearing when my twins Samantha and Evelyn were born in January, 2013. I have a background in genetics and accounting, but currently stay at home managing my three girls. I love being able to help share the love of Babywearing with other new mamas in my free (what's that again?) time!

Karyn Tankersley
VP of Meetings, member of the Board of Directors and ABE
Hello all! I’m Karyn Tankersley I am the VP of Meetings, a member of the Board of Directors and ABE for BWI of Cleveland on the very east side. I’ve been babywearing since my oldest son was born in 2007. I had my fraternal girl/boy twins in 2012 and desperately looked forward to the BWI Cleveland’s very 1st meeting in March 2013. I needed hands on help to learn about woven wraps so that I could take my 2 older kids out and about and still meet the needs of my twins. BWI of Cleveland to the rescue! Hands on help was the key to understanding the mechanics of woven wrap wearing for me. I think I attended every eastside meeting for 3 months straight! When I got asked to be a VBE I jumped at the chance to help the group that helped me! Now with 5 kids at home I know that babywearing is truly an essential part of everyday life for me. BWI of Cleveland helped me tremendously when I was struggling to get out of the house alone, it only made sense for me to pass on the knowledge and continue helping others. I love the friendships that have formed from the group and look forward to meeting and helping many more families in Cleveland and the surrounding areas. I strongly believe that every caregiver and child can benefit from babywearing and there is a carrier out there to meet your needs!

Katie Abell
VP of Education, Westside Outreach Assistant and MBE
BWI National Research Committee Member, BWI National Nominating Committee, 
BWI National Infographics
Hello! I am Katie Abell and I am the VP of Education and a west side MBE for BWI of Cleveland. I have one child, Jeffrey, who was born in the summer of 2013 in Landstuhl, Germany. I started wrapping out of necessity! we lived on the 3rd floor of a 200 year old farm house with narrow stairs and the midwives in the hospital wouldn't let me go home until I could safely carry my newborn. I found a local German babywearing group and learned even more.  My family moved from Germany to Cleveland in Spring of 2014, and I was looking desperately to replace the babywearing group I had left behind in Germany. I went to a Lakewood meeting, met everyone, and knew I found my people.  I stay home now while Jeffrey is young, but I am a middle and high school science teacher by trade. Teaching others to babywear lets me keep enjoying my profession while I wrangle a toddler.

Tracy Elliott
VP of Libraries and VBE
Hi!! I'm Tracy Elliott. I am the Librarian and VBE for BWI of Cleveland on the west side. I have an 18 year old step-son, an 11 year old daughter and a 11 month old baby girl. I am currently a pharmacist for the Cleveland Clinic Cancer center in Independence. I had no idea what babywearing was about before last year and I knew I wanted some sort of carrier for my new baby when she was born. I started researching and purchased a ring sling and a woven wrap before she was even born. I practiced with them and continued to buy more, sell some, trade some. Then I found an amazing group of women in BWI-Cleveland and I attended a meeting so I could get a jump start on learning the basics. Once I had my baby, I was so thrilled to be able to share and learn through this fabulous organization. I became a member and attended meetings as regularly as I could. I then decided I wanted to help others as much as the VBE's that I came in contact with helped me!

Kate Krengel
Secretary, Regional Librarian and ABE
Hi, I'm Kate Krengel, the Secretary and a ABE for BWI Cleveland.  I started babywearing with the birth of my son Graham in July 2014.  My background is in engineering, as well as coaching and exercise science. While work keeps me somewhat busy, I have a flexible schedule that allows me to spend a lot of time with Graham and also to spread the babywearing love.  My husband and I are also very active, so still try to squeeze time in for rowing and running triathlons around being parents!

 Amber Malek
VP of Membership and VBE
Hey there! I’m Amber Malek and I'm the VP of Membership and a VBE for BWI of Cleveland. I’ve been babywearing since my oldest was born in August 2011, when I started with a Maya ring sling. Three kids later and my stash is constantly evolving; there is truly a carrier for every person and every occasion! If you see me out, I’ll likely be wearing my littlest one in one of my cherished wovens. It’s the only way I can keep up with my 4.5 year-old daughter and 3 year-old son. My passions are photography, liberal arts, birth and, of course, babywearing. I am so happy to be a volunteer with BWI of Cleveland!

Sarah Miller-Fellows
VP of Outreach and ABE
BWI National Research Committee Member
Hello! I'm Sarah Miller-Fellows and I am the VP of Marketing and Outreach and a VBE for BWI of Cleveland. I have one son, Oliver, born in April 2014, who I have worn from day 1. I love all kinds of carriers, but especially ring slings and buckles. Professionally, I am a medical anthropologist with a background in public health, specializing in reproduction and early childcare. My job lets me be a total birth nerd and spend lots of time cuddling babies, traveling at every opportunity, and reading books - a few of my favorite things. My husband and I live in Cleveland Heights, where we juggle working, grad school and parenting. We couldn't do it without babywearing and love to share the world with our son from his perch. I love spreading the love of babywearing to other parents and caregivers!

Tracy McBride
VP of Treasury, Regional Librarian and VBE
Hello, my name is Tracy McBride and I am the VP of Treasury and a VBE with BWI of Cleveland. I live in Wickliffe with my husband and my 3 children Emily (6/28/12), Conor (5/13/14) and Finn (11/14/15). I started babywearing with my daughter. I had a Moby Wrap and I loved the closeness it created. I knew very little about babywearing and missed that connection once she outgrew the Moby. When I got pregnant again I did a ton of research and found babywearing love all over again. I love to bake, cook and craft and I am blessed to be able to stay home with my children everyday.

Kaylee Baracskai
Regional Librarian and VBE
Hey there! My name is Kaylee Baracskai Collins and I'm a Regional Librarian and VBE for BWI of Cleveland.  I am s sign language interpreter, currently working for Sorenson Video Relay Service and Cuyahoga Community College, with the occasional community assignment just for kicks. Even though I grew up in the Elyria, OH area, I've only just recently moved from Chattanooga, TN with my husband, daughter, and fur baby (who has made it his mission to nest in any baby carrier left within his reach). I've been wearing my daughter since she was one week old. We started with a Moby, and I ran into a mama in a ring sling who invited me to a baby wearing group. It was there that I fell in love not only with woven wraps and the entire concept of baby wearing, but with the people: the mamas chasing their older kids while wearing a younger one, the daddies trying to awkwardly reach the buckles on an SSC, wide-eyed grandparents, the babies succumbing to sleepy dust in the midst of noise and chaos and love and laughter. I loved finding a community that I could really connect with and I hope that, in some small way, I can do that for you, too!

Amber Cockayne
Hi! I'm Amber and I am a VBE. I first became aware of babywearing through a friend and when I found out that I was pregnant with my youngest, I knew that babywearing would become a huge part of my life. Since then our ring sling has helped us get through lots of baseball practices and games. I have two children, Damien (11) and Arriana (1). When I'm not t the ball field or taking care of the kids, you can often find me reading and taking pictures.

Shayla Davis
VBE and Social Media Team, Pinterest
Hello, I am Shayla Davis and I am a VBE for BWI of Cleveland and I also assist with the BWI Cleveland Pinterest board. My babywearing journey started with purchasing a Moby when my first son Jaxon (5/5/13) was born. I struggled with it, it was never tight enough and I was afraid I'd smother him accidentally because I was so inept. So, with no idea this wonderful group even existed I set aside the Moby and struggled on until I found a jeep NBC at a consignment shop for $5 and thought, why not? We loved it and used that carrier until he was about 6 months old and no matter how I fixed it, it was no longer comfortable for us. I thought my days of babywearing were done! Then my good Alexa took me to a BWI meeting and Karyn Tankersley helped us to find Mei Tai love! After that I fell down the rabbit hole so to speak. I now have a six month old, Evan, (3/13/15) that is colicky and wearing has literally saved my sanity! While I have pretty much any type of carrier you could think of; I most often reach for my mei tai for Jaxon and my lovely wraps for Evan. This journey has not only helped me to bond with my children, and go through daily life with ease, but I have met so many amazing people with this group that I am now proud to call friends!

Maureen (Moe) Dowell
VBE and Social Media Team, Pinterest
Hi there! I’m Maureen (Moe) Dowell, VBE for BWI of Cleveland, and Pinner for the BWI of Cleveland Pinterest page! I was introduced to babywearing when my oldest Jack, was born in 2008, and dabbled with buckles and pouches with him, and my middle Liam, in 2010. Once we had Millie in 2014, I knew I needed more help from the babywearing community to make wrapping more a part of my daily life! After doing all the research, coming to a few meetings and falling in love with woven wraps, I really began to find love with babywearing! Keeping her close and being able to enjoy spending time with the boys really sealed the deal for me! When I’m not running around with the kids, I love to crochet, paper craft, and veg out with my husband watching movies! I also work full time at a Rec Center running fun programs and events for people of all ages, and through my work experience, I love teaching and helping people learn new things! I look forward to helping many people learn and love babywearing like I do!

Shanna Fatica
Regional Librarian and VBE
Hi, I’m Shanna Fatica and am a VBE for Cleveland. I began my babywearing journey by wearing my nieces in a bjorn. My daughter, Mabel, was born in September of 2013 andmy son, Theo, was born in June of 2015. I am currently on child care leave from being a second grade teacher in Cleveland Heights. I love teaching, but also love spending time with my littles at home. During my time off from teaching I began work on getting my master’s degree in Literacy Development and Instruction from Cleveland State. I live in Mentor where my husband and I have a LARGE garden. We grow all of our own vegetables and most of our own fruit for the summer and a good part of the winter. I like to sew, craft, cook, read, and dance in my spare time. I love the bond babywearing with my children has helped to create; I love that this didn’t come at the cost of me being able to get things done around the house either! For me, babywearing is all about multitasking with love.

Wendy Haas
VBE and Social Media Team, Instagram
Hi, I’m Wendy Haas, a volunteer with BWI of Cleveland since February 2015 and a VBE since August 2015. I began exploring babywearing while pregnant with my first bunny, Arlo, and have worn her since just a few days after her birth in April 2014.  Her sister, Ada, joined us in December 2015.  With two under two, babywearing is a necessity; Ada has been worn almost every day of her life and wrap naps are the norm for Arlo still!  I started with a stretchy wrap and an SSC with Arlo, then branched out into ring slings and woven wraps.  With Ada, I mostly wrap, but still love an SSC for quick ups.  I’m a professor of art history and I teach at several campuses across the NE Ohio area, which allows me the flexibility to be home much of the time with my bunnies.  When I have the time, between grading and kid-wrangling, I love to hike, run, bike, read, and pursue painting and printmaking projects.

Nichole Hoven
Financial Coordinator and VBE
Hi! I’m Nichole Hoven and I am the Financial Coordinator and a VBE with BWI of Cleveland.  I am mom to Lucas (born 06.2015), wife to Ian, and full time engineer at a University.  I became interested in Babywearing while pregnant with my son and started out with a Boba stretch wrap, and an Ergo SSC.  Not being 100% sure on how to use the Ergo with a newborn led me to an internet search for a local Babywearing group. I found the Cleveland chapter and as they say, “the rest is history”. My current favorite way to carry my son is using a woven wrap (even though I still have a lot of learning to do)!! I volunteer at the Elyria meeting and wherever else help is needed and my schedule permits!

Michelle Keehan
Bookkeeper and VBE
Hi! I'm Michele Keehan, I am the Bookkeeper and also a VBE with BWI of Cleveland. I am also a 20-something wife, and mother of a 2 year-old and a 1 year-old. My husband and I reside with our children in LaGrange currently, although we're hoping to return to the Ohio City area as homeowners in a year or two. I'm a stay at home mom who loves to bake, cook, and create. In my free time, I always imagine I will sit down with a book or turn on some music- but reality is me vegging out on the couch, watching Netflix or Hulu. Babywearing has changed my life. I didn't plan on having children this early in life, and I certainly didn't plan on having them just over a year apart from each other! I've been able to keep my sanity, love on my babes, nurse them on the run, and have the ability to actually leave the house with them both because of babywearing. I'm looking forward to bringing these kinds of possibilities to other families as I volunteer with BWI-Cleveland.

Rebekah Kelly
Hello! I am Rebekah Kelly and a VBE with the May 2015 training group. I started babywearing with an Ergo when my daughter was 4 months and finally attempted (and fell in love with) wrapping when she was 9 months old. My best friend introduced me to the wonderful world of babywearing and BWI of Cleveland! We welcomed our second child in August 2015. Prior to becoming a stay at home mom, I was a mental health counselor and art therapist. Babywearing has saved the day for us on countless occasions and I love being a VBE to help others in their babywearing journey.

Katie Krueger
Hello! I’m Katie Krueger, VBE for BWI of Cleveland! I worked in Early Intervention as a special needs preschool teacher before becoming a mom and feel so lucky to be able to continue to help young children and their caregivers while having the opportunity to be home during my child’s early years. I’ve been babywearing since my son Henry was born in September of 2013.  I started with a Moby wrap that I borrowed from a friend and struggled to figure out, and an ERGO with the infant insert which Henry loved but I was lukewarm about. In search of better options. I found the Cleveland chapter of BWI. I will never forget how welcoming and helpful the VBEs were to me at such an overwhelming time of my life. They taught me how to wrap the Moby properly, and got me set up with a woven wrap which was a much better fit for me. I paid membership dues that day and have enjoyed trying each of the main types of carriers. Babywearing is such an important part of my life- I started wearing out of necessity because Henry was a very high-needs infant and was only calm while being held, but now that he is older and more independent, we still enjoy the close contact of him being “up.” Being worn also gives him the ability to see what I’m doing and satisfies his inquisitive nature. I am so happy to be able to give back to the organization that helped me so much and to help other caregivers find babywearing options that work for them!

Sabrina Lacny
 Education Assistant and VBE
Hello, my name is Sabrina. I am the Education Assistant and a VBE for BWI of Cleveland. I have been around babywearing since my cousin was born in 2001. My aunt wore her in a frame style backpack. My grandmother also had two backpacks in which she tandem wore my son and cousin who are 8 months apart! When my son was born in 2007 I started wearing him in a hiking backpack and Baby Bjorn. Since then I've discovered my love for babywearing. I have five children. Michael is 8, Dominic is 7, Nathan is 7, Calista is 5, and Veronica is 9 months. I utilize babywearing everyday! Right now I am a domestic engineer and enjoy my children every day! My educational background is marketing management and accounting. In my free time I like to read, play music, paint, hike, walk, swim and spend time with my children.

Hannah Magrum
Hi Everyone! My name is Hannah and I am a VBE with BWI of Cleveland. I am married to Tommy and I'm mom to two adorable little boys and one on the way due April 2016. I've been wearing both my boys since they were born, (Odin almost 4 and Corbin 1.5.). I'm constantly shifting what carriers, wraps and ring slings I prefer and love, (someday I'll find the perfect match.). Babywearing has allowed me to keep up with two busy boys, while keeping them close when they needed it. I love helping people and am so excited to be a part of such a great community of people. (In my professional life I run my own Financial Services practice.)

Sarah Russell
VBE and Social Media Team, Blog
Hey everybody! I'm Sarah Russell and I am a VBE with BWI Cleveland and write insightful and humorous stories for the blog! My babywearing adventures began with the birth of my son and a moby wrap as a baby-shower gift. Now that he's a busy toddler, we use woven wraps and ring slings (I have an unhealthy relationship with pretty fabric...) I even have a babywrapping husband! We are so happy we found BWI Cleveland and these totally passionate, wonderful folks! When I'm not acting as a babywearing superhero, my alter ego is a college professor teaching courses in theatre and a professional costume designer. Yes, I have the coolest job ever. I also enjoy cooking, playing the piano and saving the world with my kooki-ness.

Angela Salupo
Volunteer Coordinator and VBE
Hello! My name is Angela Salupo, and I am the Volunteer Coordinator and a VBE for BWI of Cleveland. I am certified as a registered nurse, currently taking a break to be a stay-at-home mom of two boys, Jackson and Adam. With my first son, I didn't know much about babywearing, but occasionally used the Baby K'tan and later an Ergo. As soon as I found out I was expecting again, I knew babywearing would need to be a part of my life! While I was pregnant, I attended meetings as well as two newborn workshops through BWI to learn all I could about the sometimes overwhelming world of babywearing. When Adam was born, Jackson was nearly two and a half and, like most toddlers, he could be pretty demanding at times! Enter babywearing!! The Moby was a lifesaver in the early days - full of so-called sleepy dust, we all were loving what babywearing had given us... undivided attention for Jackson, a cozy place to snooze for Adam,  two free hands and a wonderful bonding experience for me. Now that we've moved on from the stretchy wrap, I'm loving learning about and trying different carriers through BWI, and love the camaraderie that comes with every meeting. I am thrilled to be a part of this organization and recommend it to so many folks since it's been such a life changer for me!

Jessica Shattuck
Hi friends! I'm Jessica Shattuck and I am a VBE for BWI of Cleveland. I have been babywearing my daughter Kennedy (born 09/2013) pretty much since she was just a few weeks old, and my son Elias (born 2/2016) since he was about 20 hours old. I started with a Moby with Kennedy and then discovered BWI of Cleveland when she was 5 months old. Since then we have enjoyed trying all the different carriers, and I have to say I love them all! I find purpose in each and every different type. Babywearing has given me the opportunity to develop a deeper bond with my baby, while at the same time giving me a little more freedom to get things done and still be able to tend to my child's needs. Aside from being a mommy, I am a former NICU nurse, and now work in clinical research at University Hospitals downtown. I've loved introducing the babywearing world to my friends and family, and now feel privileged to have the opportunity to show other mommies how wonderful and necessary it really is.

Lauren Sherrill
Hi! I'm Lauren Sherrill and I am a VBE with BWI of Cleveland. I am a mom to three awesome kids (14, 12 and 2). I did not come from a family or community of babywearers, so when I was gifted a Bjorn with my oldest I wasn't sure how to safely or comfortably use it. Sadly I never wore my oldest children. When I was pregnant with my youngest I threw myself into researching wraps and carriers. With two active kids, I knew I needed to be hands free to keep up with my big kids while still able to nurse and snuggle baby #3. I started out with a Moby and naturally progressed into woven wraps. She has been worn since day one, and it has become her safe place and our daily bonding time. I went back to work full time as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer when my littlest was 18 months old, so we rely on babywearing in the evenings and weekends to keep our close bond. I'm very passionate about babywearing. I'm so excited to continue this journey into toddler wearing and joining BWI of Cleveland to teach others about the benefits of keeping your little one close.

Faith Terreri
Hi I’m Faith Terreri, a VBE with BWI Cleveland. I am mama to two lovely children Elyse, 4, and Corey, 15 months. My babywearing journey began with my first in a soft structured carrier, although I didn’t wear her much. She was an independent child and wanted to be able to play. My son is much cuddlier and always wants to be held. I started babywearing daily because I was finding it very difficult to provide the attention my son desired as well as care for my daughter. Once I discovered the world of woven wraps I was hooked and haven’t looked back since. During the day I work full time as a Registered Sanitarian in a local air pollution control agency. I am a biologist by training. We also have two quite large dogs, Lilly a Newfoundland, and Bruiser an American Bulldog.

Jessica (Vallejo) Tischler
My name is Jessica Tischler and I am a VBE for BWI of Cleveland. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist. Some of my specialties include Pre/Postnatal Massage, Theraputic, Hot Stone, and Cupping. My biggest goal in life was to become a mother, and I have achieved that 5 times over! I have been blessed with many children to love and babywearing has been essential in my journey. I started with my oldest son in 2003 with a pouch sling and a backpack carrier. I have worn all of the babies but I did not fall in love with wrapping until the 5th baby in 2013. I love what babywearing allows me to accomplish in my daily life as a mother of 5, and how it has brought all of us closer as a family.

Jayme Toth
Hi!  I am Jayme Toth and I am a VBE with BWI of Cleveland.  I am so excited about becoming to become a VBE!  I have a 6 month old that I wear almost constantly, and I also have a 5 year old daughter and 4 year old son.  I have mastered the Tula, and the ring sling and the Moby. I am an LPN working full time at a Manor Care here in North Olmsted and attend school at Bryant and Stratton to become an RN. I love teaching people things!  I have tutored and have experience as a biology teaching assistant. My favorite part of teaching is the A-HA moment. Becoming a VBE was very exciting for me, my life goal is to help people to enjoy their experience to the fullest. Being a busy mom of three, babywearing has changed fussy times into contentment and love instead of frustration, crowded areas into cuddles instead of running and chasing and fear.

Jacklyn Bartkowski
CSV and VBE in Training
I'm Jacklyn Bartkowski, and I am a Chapter Support Volunteer and VBEiT. I started babywearing when my son was born in March of 2015 and have enjoyed learning to wear him in a variety of carriers as he has grown. My home meeting did Fairview Park, where I can be seen helping in whatever capacity is needed and observing the educators to help me get ready to become a VBE myself! When I am not volunteering with BWI, I'm a stay at home mom to my son, Ezra, the president of the local alumnae chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, and a member of the Cleveland POPS chorus. I am also a board certified music therapist. 

Katie Duchnak
Hi Everyone!  My name is Katie and and I am a CSV for BWI of Cleveland.  My son, Nicholas, was born in March 2015.  Unfortunately, due to some complications when Nicholas was born, he had to spend a few days in the NICU and I had to stay on the Labor and Delivery floor for his first 24 hours, after holding him for only about 5 minutes.  My nurse in Labor and Delivery told me that her daughter was a preemie and that she wore her for the first 3 months.  She told me that I should wear Nicholas skin to skin to help my milk come in and assured me that wearing him would not spoil him.  Looking back, I had no idea what she meant.  Fast forward about six weeks and Alicia Moellenkamp, Sarah Miller-Fellows, and Katie Abell from BWICle visited my breastfeeding support group.  I had brought my Moby wrap and they helped me to achieve the fit that I had been trying for since we brought Nicholas home.  It was a game changer.  Joining the group has helped me use the carriers that I owned correctly and more comfortably, exposed me ones that I didn't know existed and allowed me meet some wonderful fellow baby wearers!  My Husband Brian, and I live in Mayfield Heights and currently I work from home testing software, which allows me to have a flexible schedule and be at home with Nicholas.

Bridgette Kelly
Hi, I'm Bridgette Kelly and I am a CSV for BWI of Cleveland.  I have worn my daughter since she was a month old (2012), starting with a Moby Wrap. We went everywhere in our Moby. Once baby girl started to lean back too much in the Moby, I knew it was time to find something different. Enter this lovely group of ladies who introduced me to woven wraps. I love helping others learn how to carry their babies in the way that best fits their needs.

Spenser Miller-Fellows
Hi y'all! I'm Spenser Miller-Fellows. I'm a CSV for BWI of Cleveland. Long before my wife Sarah and I had Oliver in April 2014, I liked the idea of being the dad cuddling the baby in the carrier. I liked the idea of being close to our children and a carrier always seemed like a good way to do it. I mostly use a Beco Soleil but also like other buckle carriers. I started attending meetings with my wife, mainly to corral our child, but enjoyed talking with all of the amazing people I met and wanted to find a way to support the organization. I work as a supervisor at a local industrial supply company and am a part-time MBA student at Case Western Reserve University, so I can use all the hands free time I can get!

Katie Shaffer
Hi! I'm Katie Shaffer! I'm a CSV for BWI of Cleveland. My husband and I own Carved Oak Farm, a small farm where we raise dairy goats, meat chickens, fresh herbs, and make goat's milk soap, lotion, and body products. I have been babywearing since my son (Noah- June 2012) was about a month old. We started our babywearing journey with an Ergo. I bought my first woven wrap (Natibaby Colibri) when Noah was 4 months old. I now prefer soft structured carriers (my favorite is my Kinderpack!), especially since my toddler is always on the go! I love sharing my passion for babywearing. It has certainly made my life so much easier! I am very fortunate that I get to stay home with my little. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, camping/boating, and spending time on our farm.

Brenda Flanagan
Hi! I’m Brenda and I am a Volunteer Assistant for BWI of Cleveland. I’ve been babywearing since my lovely daughter Brianna was born in 2010. I now have three kiddos Brianna (4), Joshua (2), and Isaiah (4 months). I, like many parents, started wearing my baby with a DIY stretchy wrap and a Bjorn frontpack carrier. I have since found great love for soft structured carriers like the Tula and the wonderful versatility of woven wraps. I am an avid DIYer and a good half of my stash I made myself. I stay at home with my three children and find babywearing essential to get ANYTHING done!

Sarrah Melendez
Hello! I'm Sarrah Melendez and I am a Volunteer Assistant for BWI of Cleveland. I am a coffee addicted stay at home mom in Sheffield Lake. We currently have one child, Jonah, who is 16 months old. I have been wearing him since he was around 2 months old, but didn't discover BWI until right before his first birthday. It's been love ever since! I am enjoying learning and helping more and meeting some amazing people along the way! :)

Leah Merrifield
Hi! I'm Leah Merrifield and I am a VA for BWI Cleveland since summer of 2015. I have been baby wearing since my first son was born in March of 2015. My husband and I started with a BabyBjorn until I got more comfortable with wrapping and we got a Lillebaby! My first wrap I purchased brand new is my FAVORITE and it is a Natibaby Nebula, it's beautiful. I prefer doing back carries with wraps and front carries using the Lillebaby. I'm enjoying learning more carries each meeting and can't wait until I get better at doing them without help! Baby wearing is super great on the weekends when we get to go on outings together. I work full time as an insurance adjuster during the week so I love the cuddles baby wearing gives me when I can wear!

Corrine Miller
Hi everyone! I am Corinne Miller, a volunteer assistant for BWI Cleveland. I fell in love with baby wearing when my daughter Peregrine was born in March 2015. I can't imagine my life without the help of my wraps, slings, and carriers! Baby wearing lets me explore outside, get errands done, and so many other things with a happy and comfy baby in tow. I was an art teacher before becoming a mommy, and I love teaching new moms about all of the possibilities in baby wearing!

Michelle Terelle
Social Media Team, Pinterest
Hi! I’m Michelle Terelle (pronounced “Terellie") I volunteer as a Pinner for BWI Cleveland’s Pinterest boards! I am a blessed mama to three beautiful babies ages 3 and two 1 year olds!  When my daughter was born, I wore her mainly around the house.  When we found out we were pregnant with twins, I knew I was going to need help managing 3 under 3! Babywearing has been a necessity and a lifesaver for our family. When they were itty bitty I wore them separately in a K’tan or together in a woven wrap.  Lately we have been using our Mei Tai and Tula.  I absolutely love wearing my boys and keeping them nice and close.  My daughter also loves to be worn on my back, and has definitely helped with the jealousy that comes from having to share the attention with not one, but two other siblings!

Alicia Moellenkamp
Founder, and retired ABE
Hi Y’all! My name’s Alicia Moellenkamp and I’m the founder of BWI of Cleveland and also a retired Advanced Babywearing Educator. I’m also trained as a birth doula and placenta encapsulator, and an experienced gestational surrogate. I’ve been babywearing since I was a young teenager as a nanny and babysitter, and I was eager to start wearing my daughter within days of her birth. I have two kids, Jamie (7/26/2010) and Jackson (4/22/12). I am the third generation of babywearers in my family, my grandfather wore his nephew and niece in a framed backpack and my mother wore my younger sister in a ring sling! I always knew I would wear my children, and I consider myself lucky for having a mother who assured me that a sling would be the most important item I would buy for my baby. I started two babywearing groups in Houston, TX prior to moving to the Cleveland area in September of 2012. After we moved I was desperate to find a new community of mommy friends so I started BWI of Cleveland. As my own babywearing days come to an end, I’m finding joy in continuing to help teach other caregivers, and watch the “Ah Ha” moment as they also find the babywearing love.