Tuesday, December 13, 2016

#bwicleveland102 Perfecting the Babywearing Selfie

Wanna learn how to take the perfect Babywearing Selfie, capturing pretty chest passes, knotshots, and of course the infamous Pfaupose?! Well you are in luck! This months 102 is Perfecting the Babywearing Selfie! Bring your cell phone and your biggest smiles to your next meeting and we'll have you spamming the world with your pretty faces (and carriers of course!) in no time!

But let's have some fun and start practicing now at home!! I am going to go over basic lessons here today and then when you come to your next meeting this month you can be one step ahead of the game.

Lesson One: Know Your Angles
By having your camera too low you will result in giving yourself a double chin, a view of up your nostrils and a rounder then usual face. No one wants a double chin! By simply raising your camera upward and moving nothing but your eyes, voila! No more double chin!

In this picture on the left you can see the top picture I had my camera down low and I was looking down at it. I didn't move my head in any of the pictures, I just slowly moved the camera upward, only moving my eyes to gaze at the screen. When I got to the camera positioning where my double chin disappeared I stopped. This is your sweet spot. 😊

You will notice you will also be in the best positioning to getting your little one in the camera line of vision. (My little one was in bed so I did this selfie solo.  So as you can see these lessons work for all selfies, not just babywearing ones! Lol) 

Lesson Two: Use Your Timer
Don't you just hate it when you have a great photo, but it turns out blurry because either baby moved, or my usual problem, my hand shakes when I hit the volume button for the camera. I just can't hold the camera still enough when I need to use those side buttons! Solution- use that self timer! Most cameras allow for a 2 or 3, 5 and even 10 second pause before automatically taking the photo for you. 2 or 3 seconds is my favorite for selfies. Just enough time to get your angle (see lesson one!) and get baby's attention. 

In the first picture here you can see that I did not use my timer and it resulted in a blurry photo. In picture two I used the timer which gave me time to compose the picture a wee bit better and took away the blur. Some cameras will take a "burst" of 3-5 photos. This is so that you can pick the best of the bunch! Just delete the ones you don't like! 

Left: iPhone- On the iPhone, the timer looks like a little stop watch at the top right of your screen. Click that and it will get you to the timing options. the second photo you can see across the top the different timing options. Right: Samsung Galaxy- On the Samsung you need to first click the gear in the upper left of your photo screen, this will take you to your picture settings.  The timer is in the bottom row.  Turn this on. 

If your camera does not have a self timer, like my old phone, the App Selfie Cam is fantastic! I actually still use this app a lot even with my newer iPhone 6. It takes really nice front camera pictures and softens the lighting just right. 

Now let's practice! Join us in our Facebook Group today for Try it Tuesday and show me those beautifully composed, non-blurry, Self Timed Selfies!! You can also tag us in Instagram at @bwiofcleveland and be sure to use the hashtags #bwicleveland  #bwicleveland102 

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