Saturday, October 1, 2016

#bestseatIBW2016 Come Join in the Fun!

International Babywearing week is quickly approaching! #BestseatIBW2016 Do you know why we celebrate? Babywearing International at large says: It is a week-long opportunity to celebrate, promote, advocate for, and focus media attention on the many benefits of babywearing. All true. Even more so why do we celebrate locally? We Celebrate International Babywearing Week because it furthers our mission! BWI-Cleveland’s mission is thus: "The vision of Babywearing International of Cleveland, Inc. is to create a community of caregivers with a shared interest in babywearing, through educational meetings, outreach events, community engagement activities, social media, and partnerships with other community organizations. Our strength is our people, including volunteers, members, and attendees; therefore, we will strive to nurture these relationships as a means to spread the knowledge of safe babywearing to all caregivers in our area. In addition, we will work to grow leaders within our organization to ensure the sustainability of our organization. Our success will be measured by our reach into the various neighborhoods, suburbs, and diverse populations of the greater Cleveland area as evidenced by the prevalence of safe babywearing in our community."

If you’ve never attended one of our 7 regularly scheduled Monthly Instructional Meetings but you want to have fun while wearing your baby maybe an IBW event is more your speed? This year we are especially passionate about raising funds to support an 8th meeting with a full lending library so that we can serve actual CLEVELAND with a downtown or as close by as possible regular instructional meeting. We have to give a special shout out to TulaBabyCarriers! Tula is helping us make our dream of having an additional lending library downtown a reality! Stay tuned for more news about this exciting and incredibly generous donation!

We also want to formally thank Baby Bjorn for their incredible donations to our Lending Libraries (7 brand new carriers will be added to our libraries!!) and also for joining us for an In-Person collaborative adventure with Hike it Baby Cleveland! Baby Bjorn will be attending our hike and demonstrating each of their carriers along with holding a giveaway for two of their carriers- the Baby Carrier One and their brand new Baby Carrier One Outdoors!

We want you to be a part of our community of caregivers! So come apple picking with us here and here, or sign up to attend a babywearing workshop, or make memories and participate in our photo shoot fundraisers! Please visit our Facebook Page for full details of our many Events! Or you can follow along in the fun virtually by joining our facebook group, following our public page, and hashtaging your babywearing selfies on Instagram  #bwicleveland #bestseatIBW2016 you can also tag us @bwiofcleveland for a regram throughout the week!

However you decide to participate please tell your own friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers about how babywearing has benefited your family. Don’t let International Babywearing Week pass you by without reminding fellow parents that they have access to this great parenting tool in their toolbox!

International Babywearing Week 2016
October 5- IBW2016 Eastside Apple Picking
October 5- IBW2016 Let's Take a Hike with Baby Bjorn and Hit it Baby!

October 6- IBW2016 Bachata Babywearing with Baby Boot Camp
October 6- IBW2016 Adult Bingo Night 

October 7- IBW2016 Westside Mini Babywearing Photo Shoot
October 7- IBW2016 Eastside Mini Babywearing Photo Shoot

October 8- IBW2016 Potluck Picnic
October 8- IBW2016 Mommy and Me Dance Class with Carrying w/ Karyn

October 9- IBW2016 Westside Apple Picking
October 9- IBW2016 Trick-or-Treat Trail at Goblins in the Garden
October 9- IBW2016 Intermediate/Advanced Back Wrapping Workshop

October 10- IBW2016 A Day at the Zoo
October 10- IBW2016 Introduction to Back Wrapping Workshop
October 10- IBW2016 Babywearing Yoga with Baby Boot Camp

October 11- IBW2016 Raspberry Picking

Written by Karyn Tankersley, our very own Advanced Babywearing Educator and VP of Meetings. You can also see her reaching our babywearing community through her business, Carrying with Karyn, as an Independant Babywearing Consultant.  She resides in Lake County with her devoted husband and 5 beautiful children.  

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