Thursday, August 4, 2016

Summer Babywearing Olympic Games!

Welcome to the First Summer Babywearing Olympic Games!

Games will start on Friday, August 5th and there will be 5 medal competitions, plus a grand prize. Each competition will last for 3 days. To enter, you'll need to take a photo or video that fits with the theme of the competition and post it to our Facebook Group with the appropriate hashtag. To win, you need people to like your photo! The most likes for each contest takes the gold, second is silver, and third is bronze. Pictures must be received by midnight on the last day of the contest. By entering this contest and submitting your photos, you agree to allow BWI of Cleveland to share your photos on our chapter blog.

Prizes will be awarded for gold, silver, and bronze for each event. Prizes must be claimed by September 31, 2016 and have no cash value. Prizes may be transferred, but are only good for BWI of Cleveland and may not be applied to any other BWI chapter. Prizes may not be combined. (If you win twice, you can give away or forfeit the lesser prize, and the next photo in line will be moved up.) You may enter each contest with as many photos as you'd like. At the end of the Games, all of the gold medalists from each event will be entered in a Grand Prize contest, for an even bigger prize!

Here's the event schedule:
August 5th through August 7th - Summer Wearing Games: Photos of you enjoying the summer while babywearing! ‪#‎summerwearinggames‬

August 8th through August 10th - Red, White, and Blue: Show your USA pride while wearing ‪#‎babywearingUSA‬

August 11th through August 13th- Overcoming Obstacles: What babywearing obstacles have you had to overcome? ‪#‎babywearingforthewin

August 14th through August 16th - Relay Race: Share photos of your child being worn by different friends and family members! #babywearingrelay

August 17th through August 19th - Babywearing Quadrathlon: Share photos of yourself wearing each of the 4 main types of carriers - buckle carrier, mei tai, ring sling, and wrap! #bwquadrathlon

August 21st - Grand Prize Contest

Good luck everyone and Happy Babywearing!  Let the Games BEGIN!

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