Thursday, August 18, 2016

Congratulations to our Medalists for our #babywearingrelay Event!

Thank you to all who participated in our Babywearing Relay Race as Event Number Four of our Summer Babywearing Games!! #babywearingrelay
Congratulations to the winners! Since no one (other than volunteers) submitted more than one photo, no special bonus prize will be awarded. BUT we do have our usual gold, silver, and bronze medal winners! See below for the winning photos!

GOLD -  Lauren Rowan and her husband!

SILVER - Julia Bulia and her baby’s grandfather!

BRONZE - Tina Popp and her baby’s sister!

The GOLD medal winner will receive either $5 off a new membership or renewal OR the opportunity to borrow two carriers at a meeting!
The SILVER medal winner will receive an item made from a woven wrap!
The BRONZE medal winner will receive a BWI of Cleveland car decal!
****Please to make arrangements to receive your prize!

Welcome to Event Number Five of our Summer Babywearing Games!!! Thank you to all who have participated thus far!!
If you haven't participated yet in our Summer Babywearing Games, now is your last chance!! It's time for Event Number Five: The Babywearing Quadrathlon ‪#‎bwquadrathlon‬. For this event, we want to see your photos in all the different types of carriers!
We are always talking about how no one carrier is best for every person, and that's what makes our lending library so great! We give you the opportunity to try the different types, and see what works for you and your baby!
**To enter this event, simply post a photo of yourself wearing one of the four main carrier types: wrap (stretchy or woven), mei tai, buckle carrier, or ring sling. POST EACH PHOTO AS ITS OWN COMMENT! Each vote you receive is worth one point - if you share photos of yourself in ALL four carrier types, you'll get 5 additional points! The people with the most points at the end of the contest will win some awesome prizes and be entered into our grand prize drawing!
This contest will end on August 20th!
Thanks to educator Wendy Haas for sharing these photos of herself and her daughters in the 4 different carrier types!

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