Monday, August 15, 2016

Congratulations to our Medalists for our #babywearingforthewin Event!


I am here to announce the winners of our third Summer Babywearing Games event - Overcoming Obstacles! There were some amazing entries, and it was so inspiring to see how babywearing has helped everyone in their parenting journey! Thank you to all who participated!! #babywearingforthewin
Congratulations to our winners!

GOLD MEDAL - Nicole Duraney
“Helped me eat out in peace!”

SILVER MEDAL - Ashley Nash
Our first carrying experience was at 6 months. It was a cheap carrier and it killed my back. I called it quits because I didn't know about the wide world of carriers.
A few months ago, I learned about the wide array of carriers and that they can accommodate big kids. My son is almost 4 and has Autism. Overall he does really well when we go out, but when he gets tired he just wants to be up (Not easy to carry a child his size).
I started looking into toddler carriers and found one for a great price. When it arrived, I was clueless. We managed to get the thing put together and him in it, but he was literally sitting on my butt and my shoulders were taking all of his weight. Thankfully, we were only days away from a BWI meeting. We were able to meet up with an educator, learn how to use our carrier, and I was able to learn how to safely get him into it solo.
From that moment on, we have used our carrier and been able to ditch our bulky stroller. We have seen fireworks, gone to zoos and amusement parks, attended parades, and hunted Pokemon. He feels safe and so do I. It's a great place for him to escape from everything else.
I'm currently out of commission due to a shoulder injury. But I am counting down the days until I can carry him again.”

BRONZE MEDAL - Megan Zander
“Tandem wearing has been the best. Baby only wants mama and my newly 2 year old isn't adjusting well to life with a sibling. Both get to snuggle me and I'm not stuck on the couch all day”

The GOLD medal winner will receive $5 off a new membership or renewal OR the opportunity to borrow two carriers from a meeting!
The SILVER medal winner will receive an item made from a woven wrap!
The BRONZE medal winner will receive a BWI of Cleveland car decal!
***Please email for information on how to receive your prize!

Welcome to Event Number Four of our Summer Babywearing Games!!! Thank you to all who have participated thus far - only two more events!!

Event Number Four: Relay Race #babywearingrelay is an event in which we want to see your child being worn by different friends and family members in a sort of relay race! Show us photos of your child being worn by your spouse, best friend, grandparents, even siblings!! If you don’t have these photos on hand, use this as an opportunity to introduce babywearing to your friends and family members! **For ease of voting, please put the photos into a collage prior to posting.**

The photos with the most votes win! Special BONUS prize for the person with the most friends and family members wearing their child!!

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