Thursday, August 11, 2016

Congratulations to our Medalists for our #babywearingUSA Event!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Red, White, and Blue babywearing event! Loved seeing your USA pride and your babywearing pride at the same time! #babywearingUSA
Congratulations to the winners!

GOLD MEDAL: Lindsay Amicone

SILVER MEDAL: Mallory Over

BRONZE MEDAL: Emily Merkel

The gold medal winner will receive $5 off a new membership or renewal OR the opportunity to borrow two carriers at a meeting!
The silver medal winner will receive an item made from a woven wrap!
The bronze medal winner will receive a BWI of Cleveland car decal!
***Please email for instructions on claiming your prize!

COMING UP! Event Number Three: Overcoming Obstacles #babywearingforthewin

This next event is all about how babywearing has helped you, your family, or your child! For Event Number Three: Overcoming Obstacles #babywearingforthewin, we want to see photos showing how babywearing has helped you overcome an obstacle. Maybe you had a newborn with colic, or an infant with separation anxiety….or maybe you just needed to get the dishes done! We’d also love to see photos of how you overcame a babywearing obstacle! Maybe you were too intimidated by the loooong stretchy wraps with your firstborn, but learned to love them with your second! Or maybe you could never quite get a good fit from a buckle carrier, until you came to a meeting and found the perfect fit!

In the photo above, volunteer Stephanie Herb shows how babywearing helps her and her daughter get through “patch time” during which her daughter needs to wear a corrective patch! Snuggles and love from mom are the best remedy for an uncomfortable babe, and babywearing makes it that much easier!

Whatever the obstacle, we want to see photos of how babywearing helped you!  Post as many photos as you'd like in our Facebook Group and be sure to vote for your favorites by clicking the "like" button!This contest will run through Saturday, August 13th! Good luck!

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