Sunday, July 3, 2016


As some of you may already be aware, several large babywearing groups have recently been engaged in the effort to change the terminology ofrebozo to describe a woven wrap carry and a type of pass. For those not aware, rebozos are a woven fabric used in Mesoamerica for a variety of purposes and with important cultural significance, including babywearing. In support of the wishes of babywearers of Mesoamerican heritage to reserve this term only for these fabrics and #takebacktherebozo, Babywearing International and BWI of Cleveland will be no longer be using the term to describe wrap carries or wrap passes. There are ongoing conversations about what terms will be replacing them. Wearing Wiki has some current suggestions, but discussions are ongoing.

Read Babywearing International's statement:…/a-statement-on-reboz…/

Read current terminology suggested by Wearing Wiki:

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