Friday, January 15, 2016

Winter Wearing Deal!

A few days ago I started seeing posts about a Babywearing hoodie at Target. Wait. What? Target makes Babywearing hoodies?

Apparently it is meant to be stylish (who doesn't love a nice draft on their back?!) And found in the Junior's Department. Sorry kids! These hoodies are about to be made uncool by all of us Babywearing mamas!

The hoodie comes in two colors- black and grey and can be found here for $19.99. Open Back Leisure Top. It is also available in plus sizes!

The opening in the back is perfect for back carries! How cute do our BWI Volunteers look?!

Another bonus: The hoodie pockets swing front and back so they are functional in a front carry! You can put the hood between you and baby, like a cowl neck for front carries.

This little man approves!

The back opening is large enough for both mama and baby to pop through for a front carry, like educator Wendy did with her teeny baby Ada. This way there is no fabric obstructing her newborns face. The same back opening is the perfect size to accommodate a toddler.

The hood can also be used as a nursing cover. Stay warm while feeding your littles!

This $20 hoodie is a great bargain to help make winter wearing comfortable AND affordable!

Have you snagged up a Target "Babywearing Hoodie"? If so please share them with us on Facebook and by tagging @bwiofcleveland in Instagram to be featured on our account! #bwicleveland

Written by Michelle Lynn. 
Michelle is our Social Media Volunteer, both in helping to build our Pinterest Account and lending her voice as a blogger. Michelle has a daughter and twin identical boys. Babywearing is a necessity in her home! 

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