Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dress Up Fun: Wearing in Costumes

Doctor Frankenstein, The Bride and wearing The Monster!

October is here! Time for all things fall, and for many that means Halloween festivities!

A Pirate and her Parrot, a Couple Theives and their Loot, Popcorn and Cola, Adventure Time!

Your baby may not care about candy just yet, but extra snuggles from your little one are always a treat! Babywearing could be just the trick you need to create a fun costume idea that isn't lacking in the snuggle department! Not only can babywearing costumes be fun, but here in Ohio they can be very helpful at protecting your little one from the elements. Having your child "close enough to kiss" means you can make sure they aren't getting too chilly when those icy Halloween winds are blowing! If it begins raining while you are out in costume, babywearing means one umbrella has you both covered! 
From Game of Thrones-Mabel is bran (minus her wig because she wouldn't leave it on), Austin is hodor, and Shanna is Osha (Ergo Baby Carrier) and then we have Karyn carrying her Captain America (Kokadi Merlin Stars)

Utilizing a babywearing costume can allow you to easily volunteer at an older child's class party while keeping your baby safe and out of mischief...but still letting you join in the fun by dressing up!

Alicia as a web with her black spider

We all know how anxious we can get on Halloween night when the streets are filled with children and many adults are out for a night on the town. Babywearing is a wonderful way to make sure your child is always near a caregiver and safe from wandering into the streets or getting lost in a crowd.

Tracy and her Tootsie Roll and also a Pumpkin and Ladybug (pet costumes overtop a mei tai)

There are many ways to create a fun babywearing costume! You could use the print on your wrap or carrier as inspiration for your costume, you could cover your carrier with fabric, and I've heard pet costumes fit beautifully over many soft structured carriers! From Yoda on Luke Skywalker's back, to an owl in a tree, a dalmatian puppy with a fire hydrant or a beekeeper with a bee...the possibilities are endless!

Alicia wearing her Pink Puppy (mommy's shirt provides a built-in candy bucket!)  and Karyn with her spider and flower (Moby and Seven Slings Pouch) and also with her bumble bee and flower (bee in KP and flower in a Wrapsody Hybrid  Stretch)

Brittany as "Mama Kangaroo and her Roo" (Moby Wrap) and Merideth as "The Solar System Revolving Around the Sun" (Wrap is Oscha Starry Night Raven)

All of the pictures in today's blog post were submitted by our own members!  We have so many creative folks in our Chapter. If you still can't decide- guess what?!  We have a Pinterest Board for that!  Come and get inspired, there are SO many incredible ideas and fun to be had!

Thank you to our newest member of our Social Media Team, Alanna Mlakar for today's 102 Topic of the month!  Aside from the hard work she does at our Monthly Instructional Meetings, she is blogging for us and also is a Pinner on our awesome Pinterest Account.

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