Monday, November 17, 2014


Silliness during a leader Inventory Meeting

Have you seen? Have you heard? Big changes are headed our way at BWI of Cleveland! Our membership is growing rapidly. Just this fall we’ve added more than 30 members. In response to that rapid growth we are moving meeting locations and changing how our lending library is stored and accessed. 1st changes are coming up ASAP in December!!

Our lending library overhaul will roll out for December meetings. Our library is splitting into 3 regionally accessible libraries. East, West, and South meetings will now have their own libraries! What does this mean? Each regional library will have carriers available for members to try on and check out at their respective meetings. Splitting will let our educators be able to keep the library close to their respective meetings so we don’t have to worry about bad weather influencing our carrier availability! Will every library have the same carriers? No. We plan on rotating carriers once a quarter so that each meeting location has a turn to try each carrier. (Several of each carrier type will still be available at all meetings.) Want to try a carrier your library location doesn't have? No problem! Members can check carriers out at ANY meeting location. Feel free to drive to the library location that has the carrier you want to try and you can check it out there. Want to know what’s in the lending library? You can check it out HERE.

Meeting times and locations are also making adjustments as the new year approaches! Upcoming in November and December our Beachwood meeting is at a new later 6pm time to see if that time works better for attendees. Our regular westside meetings are changing as well! Lack of volunteers has unfortunately closed our westside weekend meeting in Avon Lake but we are hopeful that it will not be out of the mix long! Our weekday meeting (formerly Lakewood) is also changing and will be at Fairview Park Public Library the 2nd Thursday of the month now! This is the 3rd location for our Westside attendees because we have outgrown our previous 2 locations. I don’t know about you but I am so excited to see that many babywearers! With all the new changes you may be wondering what’s the best way to keep up? All of our events are posted in our closed Facebook community group. RSVP both “Going” to events you plan on attending and “Declining” those you won’t be attending to make sure you get event specific updates! Not in our community group yet? Please join us:

written by Karyn Tankersley
VP of Memberships

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