Monday, July 28, 2014

Belly Wrapping for Pregnancy Support

Woven wraps are one of the most versatile of all baby carriers.  They can be tied hundreds of different ways and come in a number of different lengths making them a custom fit for people of all sizes and shapes. 

But why wait to use them until baby is here?  I am currently pregnant with baby #3 and am SO incredibly happy I was introduced to the amazing art of Belly Wrapping for Pregnancy Support!!  I am carrying this baby so much lower then my other two, and breech nonetheless, that by afternoon I have a lot of pressure and discomfort in my belly, back and hips! As much as I would love to just lay down and rest, with two busy, very active boys that just isn't possible!  Belly Wrapping to the rescue. 

By taking a woven wrap or ring sling and tightly wrapping it around your belly, and even your hips if desired, you are creating a pregnancy belt.  This provides a firm yet gentle support for your growing belly, loose joints and achy back.  Not to mention it is a perfect way to start practicing with your wrap and getting it nice and soft and broken in for when baby arrives! 

Just as there are tons of ways to use a wrap and ring sling to carry your baby so are there many ways to wrap your belly as a pregnancy support.  I am going to include a few of my favorite YouTube videos for you all to follow along.  Each one utilizes a different size woven wrap, giving you the preferred comfort and support your growing body needs!

Wrapping your Belly with a "Shortie" (sizes 2-3)

Wrapping Your Belly with a Mid-Length Wrap (sizes 4-5)
This style of belly wrapping, although is a bit more involved, is definitely my favorite comfort-wise. I feel that it gives me the most support all over, belly, hips and full across the back.  

Wrapping Your Belly with a Long Wrap (sizes 6+)


In this video, they encourage you to use a partner to help get it nice and tight and remove all the slack.  This definitely helps a lot, but I have also done it on my own as well and still felt like I was fully supported.  This can be done with a woven or a gauze wrap. 

Wrapping Your Belly with a Ring Sling

There are many things your can do with the tail on your ring sling.  Since I am only 5'1", I usually like to tuck my tail away or spread it across my belly, otherwise I am tripping over it.  But be creative and do what works best for you! 

Check out all of these adorable bellies from a few of our BWI of Cleveland members!

Thank you to Alicia Moellenkamp, Karyn Tankersley, Nicci Sample, Maya Lindenmuth and Kristina Elyse for the wonderful photos!! 

If you would like to have some hands-on help with wrapping your own bellies, please pop into one of our monthly Instructional Meetings!  Please view our Events tab to find one closest to you! 


  1. Where did you get those beautiful wraps?? I cannot find anything like that :(

  2. I was looking for an alternative way to gain belly, back, and hip support this time around and came across your page. I find this method very interesting and hopefully better than others I have tried. I did have a few questions though. Would this work throughout pregnancy with twins? And what are the wrap brands you would most recommend to use? I was interested in the one used for the mid-length wrap but didn't hear a name in there so I'm not able to just look it up. I'm currently in my 16th week with my twins and already feel the need for support. Thank you!

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