Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Saftey when using a back carry: the Differences Between a Stretchy and a Woven Wrap

Many of us begin our Babywearing journey with a Moby or other stretchy style wrap.  Oh the coziness of those with our newborn squishes!  Then as we get more confidant in our wearing abilities and the more groups we join the desire to try a woven wrap grows!  Seriously how cute are all those babies on their mommy and daddy's backs?! 

But it is very important to remember that no matter how tight you feel like you can get the Stretchy Wrap tied on you, a back carry is NEVER safe in a stretchy, Moby-style wrap.  Only woven wraps are designed to safely carry your baby or toddler in front, hip and back carries. 

This video is a perfect example of just why it is unsafe to back-wrap with a stretchy. In this video her child is older and she is demonstrating what can happen while standing over a bed.  But could you imagine if a baby wanted to see what was going on behind you, even if you were "just practicing" until you received your woven? 

If you are interested in trying a woven wrap out before you buy one, please consider becoming a member of Babywearing International of Cleveland!  For $30 for the entire year you get full access to our Lending Library and the ability to check out one carrier a month (12 in all!).  This is a perfect way to figure out just what you like and don't like before taking the huge jump in purchasing one for yourself.  You can join in person at any meeting, a VBE would be more then happy to get you all set up.  Or if you just can't wait, It's only two steps to join online: fill out this membership form


and then send $30 via paypal to bwiofcleveland@gmail.com. Please send it as "friends and family" so paypal doesn't take fees from us since we're a nonprofit.

Happy and Safe Babywearing! 

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