Sunday, March 9, 2014

First Goal Reached for the Toddler Tula- Next Stop Toddler Kinderpack!!

Only 4 new memberships needed until we shop for our Toddler Kinderpack to add to the Lending Library! How exciting is that?! If you've agreed to join and haven't had a chance to fill out the form and send payment your membership isn't counted yet so you could be the member that gets us to our next goal!
Don't forget that if you have a baby on the way or want to purchase a membership for a friend (they make awesome Baby Shower gifts!) the memberships can be activated once baby arrives but by purchasing now it can also count toward our March Membership drive! 
Please fill out the Membership Form below and then send the $30 payment through to our paypal at Be sure you send as "Friends & Family" to avoid any paypal fees for our nonprofit. 
Thank you for all of your amazing support and helping to grow our Lending Library!  

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